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New Year - New Blog

According to my poll, the consensus was to keep blogging.

So I will.

But I started a new blog, since I felt like this one was about my mother mostly.

Here's the link to the new one:

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Happy New Year

Now I don't normally do this resolution thing, but I just read an article called "Five Lessons Learned From Living in Paris" and all five things appealed to me.

1. Live a passionate life
Scott noticed that Parisians often turned mundane aspects of everyday life into something special.

2. Cultivate an air of mystery
Scott thinks the French get a bad rap for coming across as cold and aloof when they're simply very picky about who they open up to and how much they reveal about themselves.

3. Look presentable always
She had a very quick (routine): 'Le no makeup look' and a very easy hairstyle to follow. Her 10-item wardrobe allowed her to pick something really easily. She wouldn't agonize over what clothes to wear every day like so many of us do."

4. Don't forget the simple pleasures (and do not deprive yourself)
"I had dessert at least twice a day. I had it every day after dinner, and for tea every afternoon, I would get a crepe or something in the city. And I enjoyed my food."

5. Make life a formal affair
"They used their best china and their best crystal on a regular basis. ... They used the nicest things that they had on a daily basis and it elevated every experience that we had."

10 item wardrobe! I love that. I'm sure every piece is well made, fit perfectly, flatter her, and all 10 pieces go with everything else.

In 2012 I'm going to try to be more French.

But the sock monkey hat stays. Just sayin'.