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So Far

today I have re-arranged a couple of shelves in the pantry, washed dishes, cleaned out the frig (old cauliflower - ewwww), a load of clothes, and vacuumed. (Can you ever remember how to spell vacuum? I always start with two c's then switch to two u's. It doesn't look right either way.)


Last week at Twig, a great local store that carries sustainable fair traded goods, I saw these little treats:

Aren't they cute? Silicon lids that stretch to fit just about anything (they come in about five different sizes from tiny to cover-a-watermelon. These are the second size up). There's also a ziploc type bag you can cook or freeze in, but it was very small and expensive.
Don't they look like they're from the land of IKEA? They are in fact, Spanish.

Fawn sent me this hilarious commercial.



  1. You've had a very productive day so far and seems it is time for a nap after all that. That commercial was precious. Have a great rest of your sunday.

  2. Surely that commercial, which is wonderful, is not shown in the U.S., right? U.K. maybe? Thanks for sharing it.