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I am prickly. That's what the ex-BF said about his family - they were a prickly bunch (he included himself in that description, just so you know).

That's an apt description of how I feel lately.

Yesterday the cashier at Kohl's kept my 15% discount card after swiping it, saying that it was for one time use only. She gave it back when I asked for it, but only reluctantly.
I wanted to call a manager and have the poor girl flogged or something else Nathaniel Hawthorne-y. Because she was wrong.
Instead, as I signed the credit card receipt, I muttered "that's BS" under my breath. Passive-aggressive is my middle name ya'll.

Today at the pharmacy in Kroger my eye rolling and heavy sighing  was JUST BARELY contained when I was chided - yes, chided - for not picking up an order, then a big deal was made about them having to ring up two avocados and take a coupon.
All the while someone was standing INSIDE MY PERSONAL BUBBLE (granted I have large sphere). It took TWO "looks" for her to step back. RESPECT THE BUBBLE! 
Especially the prickly ones.

Then I come home to zero Netflix movies because the mail person at our building is a doofus and for some reason is not picking up the outgoing mail. Erg.

So yeah. Prickly.

I am addicted to La Croix sparkling water, mainly the grapefruit (pamplemousse in French) and the lime. When I saw the coconut flavor in Target, I thought - okay, sure, I'll try it.
Oh friends. As it turns out, I do not like drinking what suntan lotion smells like.

My nephew called me last night, to check on his Nana. Awww. Sorry the report is so crappy.

I took over some size eleven (that's MY size!) slippers last night - hoping they might fit when the edema is bad. She had some TED hose on and was wearing her normal slippers. She fell asleep in the dining room so I took my leave.
But not before Miss Myrtle almost made me cry by asking me what she could do that was the right thing. She just wanted to do the right thing so she didn't have to be in there. Sigh.

The hospice social worker called today and said she was sleeping (still?) and her feet were elevated. She asked me how I was doing. Of course I said fine.
Speaking of shoes (well awhile back we were)  - how cute are these:
Pretty f*&^ing cute right? That's what I thought too, so I ordered them. They look like just the cure for pricklyitus.


  1. You must share where to find said cute shoes. It's not nice to keep that to yourself. You did warn that you were being "prickly" though. I am asking from outside your sphere, if that helps.

  2. Keen! Home of the purple shoes and full of the cuteness.

  3. We'll see how cute they are in a size 11.
    Sometimes all cuteness dissipates at that size.