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So Far (continued)

I've taken a walk:
 When I started walking again after taking the above picture, my right knee got all stupid and wonky. It seems mostly better now.
Yea, that's my shadow

After the walk, it was Walmart for cat litter, cat food, whipped cream, (one rule on this crazy diet - DO NOT run out of whipped cream), and in spite of not being not on the "need" list - Elf.
I HATE Christmas, but I LOVE that stupid movie.

Off to CB to visit Mom, the hospice volunteer was there. Mom's feet and legs were so swollen; they had alerted hospice. Nothing else to do.

Afterward, I returned slippers to Target that won't fit her sausage-like feet, then the Post Office to mail a package.

Now I'm going to eat salad and whipped cream - not at the same time - and watch Elf.

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