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The Cleaning Frenzy Continues

Maybe it's the extra hour of sleep. It's like the new year - wait it IS the new year according to the Celtic calendar.

I even had an epiphany about my bowls that have been on the second shelf for seven and a half years. They are always hard to reach, especially when they're all clean and stacked high.



All I can say is - Duh!
And now I see the glasses and mugs order should be reversed on the second shelf because the mugs are used more. Talk about a creature of habit - the mugs went right back where they have been for seven and a half years.

Cleaned the ceiling fan and reversed the spin cycle using this ladder, a birthday present  last year from employers, even though they were not my employers at the time.

Very sturdy with wide steps and a handle

Fits in tiny space when folded
Having a small house I am NUTS about stuff that collapses (colanders, measuring cups) and fits into a small space.


Debra over at As I See It Now posed the question "What's On Your Refrigerator" a few days ago. Intriguing.
Here's what's on mine:

The bowl postcard was sent to me by my friend E. who lives in New Mexico. The potter on the postcard is Betsy Williams. Her work is exquisite. E. is also an excellent potter and I have quite a few of her pieces.

The other is for a local artist I like a lot. There's a link to her website at the bottom of this blog.

Right side
That Paint Guest Room decree has been up there for about a year. Guess I'm ignoring it.

In case I forget

That is a picture of me from the Steve's BBQ days about a hundred years ago. I like it even though my left eye looks wonky. (and hello - pleated pants are not our friend!) The haircut was by a guy named Cedric who would come to your house.
See the ring on my right hand? That's so I'd know which hand was my right. Now I wear rings on both hands so I have to say in my head, I write with my right
Takes time and is why I need driving directives early in the game. 


Okay, I am fired up from caffeine and off to switch the glasses and mugs. 


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