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What An Assessment Summary Report Looks Like

First - I haven't been to see Mom since Thanksgiving.

Here's a breakdown of the new charges, which are in addition to her monthly "rent" of $4500:

Medications - $427
- Order and coordinate medications between family, health care providers and pharmacy
- Provide attention while patient self-administers medications
- Provide physical assistance while taking medications
- Assist with medication storage

Chronic Condition Management - $598
- Resident has been diagnosed with diabetes
- Specific care and/or monitoring because of the chronic condition noted above
- Resident has insulin-dependent diabetes
- Supervise or perform blood sugar monitoring three or more times per week
- Administer insulin injections

Respiratory Equipment - $470
- Help with proper storage, supply and signage with the use of oxygen or respiratory equipment
- Staff attention or physical assistance with the use of oxygen or respiratory equipment

Dress and Groom - $342
- Help with the set-up, selection, or laying out of clothes or grooming toiletries
- Staff attention or assistance with dressing tasks
- Staff attention or assistance with grooming tasks

Bathroom Assist - $299
- Help because resident is unable to use the bathroom on their own

Total - $2136.00

In their defense, they are not charging for the nebulizer treatments, or helping her eat and they didn't charge for  many things (bathroom assistance) for many months.

She is in the hole $2480 a month.

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