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I Love Auto Logic

Remember back in September when my car made a bad thud thud thud noise when I pulled into a parking space at Wal-mart?


Well, first - hummmmpff.
Second, you can refresh your memory here.

Just in case you didn't feel like re-reading that whole post for the two sentences pertaining to the car noise (I don't blame you), let me recap: CP and I tried to recreate the noise by turning 360's in the parking lot. Nothing.

But a few weeks later, as I was making a hard left - it did it again. And it kept doing it. Again. And again.

I was freaked out. So sure it was going to cost me one million dollars, I ignored it.
(Just like I do with any dental pain - thus assuring that a $100 cavity will become a $1000 root canal.)

Finally, today I said to myself, "That's it. Stop being stupid. Take the car in, you'll only make it worse if you ignore it."
Drove the seven miles to Auto Logic in Carrboro which was the only place my little Blanche had ever been in her whole mechanical life - until gas went over $4/gallon. Then I started cheating on them by taking her to the dealership two miles away - who, I might add, were never trusted to do anything but an oil change.
I am frugal about the darnedest things.

Anyhoo, Garth, he of the loveliest blue eyes, jumped in car, we made a hard left turn in the parking lot, he jumped out, looked under car and said:

"Blah, blah, cover, blah, scraping, blah blah blah, couple of screws..."

(it was exactly like this Gary Larson cartoon - the dog side - not the cat side for once.) 

The rest was drowned out my my huge sigh of relief. You just cannot imagine. Well okay, maybe you can.

AND about ten minutes when Gene brought back the keys - he said - "No charge." !!!!!!

Oh Auto Logic, I do love you and only you.


  1. lemme see them eyes...where's the pic of Garth...oh please do share!

    and huge AMEN to "no charge" !!!

  2. See, good things do happen to good people. Great to read good reports. Hope this continues for you on through the weekend.

  3. I might move, just to go there.

  4. @Kate - and then we can go to the Indian/Mexican food bus in our newly fixed cars!