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All I Got For Christmas

Was a phone call saying Mom had pulled out her Foley catheter. Yeah!!
I was immediately reminded of the doctor's statement that only intoxicated people did that. I'm thinking demented is right up there with intoxicated or being on PCP. (never hear about that drug anymore. Did it go away or something better came along?)

It's not like I can put it back in so I'm still sitting at home being selfish, having a piece of blueberry pie and a cup of coffee. Feeling a rising resentment towards - well everyone. Mostly because I can't feel selfish in peace. Jeez. Feck off guilt! (Father Ted reference)
Oh, and I've run out of deodorant (alert the news media!)
I'm going to continue on my selfish path and go for a walk at noon.

Last night's Jewish Christmas Eve (Chinese food and a movie) was a good time with six of the FUWOF gals. Thanks for asking.


  1. Ack! Repeat after me--"This, too, shall pass... This, too, shall pass." :) Wishing you a merry Christmas as only God can give us when things otherwise aren't going so great and praying you'll have much peace. (I'm so glad I met you this year!) Blessings, Debra

  2. Kim, if you need permission, feel free to wallow in self-pity. Everyone needs to from time to time and this seems like as good a time as any.

    (And forget the coffee with your pie. I vote for WINE!)

  3. Sorry Kim if you have been lonely on this sometimes not so special day. There have been times that I really hated the thought of Christmas and this year with the help of my new blog friends it has been bearable. I did almost loose it at the gathering today when the "4" dogs started fighing but I was able to escape and am now home alone with my sweet Rocky sleeping in a chair next to me as I catch up on blog comments. Well girl, hang in there and hopefully tomorrow will be more promising for you.