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I Am NOT Like That! Part Two

I sometimes think it's not clear in my blog that my mother had/has an excellent sense of humor.

As we'd watch the Anal Retentive Chef fold the garbage bag over and over, then staple it shut - I'd say he's just like you! She'd reply, I'm NOT like that!  Sometimes I'd just go to the freezer and get a bag of cookies, then she would laugh.

Her big defense - you are too!
Yeah, but about completely different things, like organization and tidy counters. The Boy told me he would purposely tip the pictures on the wall off kilter - something else that makes me crazy. (Or pictures hung too high - arrrrggghhhhhhhh!!)

Her and I would bust up in Publix over Big and Crusty Bagels. (gross and so second grade I know). Except for the dark months when she wasn't taking her meds, she has always been a good sport and been able to laugh at herself.

I just wanted to clear that up.

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