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Week Recap

I used that word [recap] in my last post. It's a fun word.
Madcap is another fun and vastly underused word. CP used it at our FUWOF Mediterranean Deli anniversary luncheon. My inner crow was so enamoured of the word - as it swung and shimmered in the air - that I cannot reclaim the context in which it was used. (OHHH sparkly! seems like a purple word, doesn't it?)
I've been trying to figure out how to slide it into conversation ever since. Like she did, oh so effortlessly.
CP is a modern day Flannery O'Conner, she is. Not that Flannery used the word "madcap". But CP has that same Southern command of the language. 

If I had a totem animal it would be a crow/raven or a bear. Wait, I need to be both. I'd have to have a bi-totemic personality. Depending on my mood. Because bears just aren't that into sparkly. But they will kick your ass.

Anyway, let me sum up :

Mom: having bad week, crying. Will change her med time - again. Sugar down even more, insulin reduced. Dinner at Bob Evans - again (BOGO breakfast when you sign up for email.). Called me her mommy. Wants to buy a house. Carries dinner napkins around with her all the time. Infatuated with them. Why?

Bad car noise - fixed for free. (yeah Auto Logic!)

Got a sweater completely free today using my 15% off coupon in combination with $10 in Kohl's Cash.
Shut the front door!

Changing my CFL light bulbs to LED's - one expensive bulb at a time. I've replaced three, only twelve to go!
Pros: No mercury, no hazardous waste, no flickering, no humming, and they're dimmable.
Cons: Expensive and not very bright - yet. Only found the 40 watt equivalent at Home Depot or Lowe's. Not good for reading at all.
Side note: Have you found the CFL's living up to their "lasts for five years" hype? I haven't.

Have you noticed when driving that people just want to be first? No matter how fast I'm going, it's not fast enough. Go 100 mph in a 35 mph zone and some schmo will need to pass so they can BE IN FRONT. W.T.F.
Definitely a bear totem moment.


  1. Oddly enough Kim I have been getting behind people going 40 in a 55 or 70 on 95 which is slow. I do get the occasional one that passes me like I'm sitting still even though I am doing 76. What an adventure. Hope you have luck getting your mom back on track and have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Kimmie,
    You're such a madcap writer. Recklessly throwing metaphors and humor out into the world like purple pixie dust, all while being mommy to your mom.

    I hate you for that!

    And I love you for that....