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Poor Mom

Yesterday afternoon around 4:30 I got a call from Clare Bridge. Braced myself for the "she's pulled out the catheter again".
Instead it was, "she was hit in the chest by another resident. She's okay, everything is fine, but we're required to tell you this occurred."

Poor Mom, this was not a good weekend.

Lillie and Finn on my lap, Oscar was curled up next to me. Who says cats don't like to be with people?


  1. Oh poor thing. That happened to my grandpa in his nursing home all the time. So sad.

    Hope you're enjoying your snow, Kim!

  2. So sorry your mom is having to deal with unpleasant situations butn from what I've seen they are all pretty much the same so none have a perfect environment. As I type Rocky is asleep in a kitchen chair next to me laying on a blanket. He's happy as long as he is close to one of us. I took Linda to work & will be picking her up at the end of her day. The roads are fine but the parking lot is a disaster.

  3. This is really upsetting, Kim.
    So all they're required to do is tell you that it happened? Are they not required to keep that resident away from her so it doesn't happen again? Or put your mom somewhere else in the facility so she is safe and feels safe? Maybe this person has a history of hurting people.
    I don't think any environment can be perfect either, but I would hope they can work harder at making it perfect than just following the "requirements." We wouldn't put up with this kind of violence if it happened to us, so why should anyone think we'll put up with it if it happens to someone we love? I feel I know her a little now and am upset on her behalf, as you are. If you need any support in how to figure out a way to make her life more secure, please e-mail me. I would be glad to try to help you and your mom with this.

  4. @ Andrea. They were investigating the incident, the person may have been ill (the even present UTI), there's just no way of knowing what prompts the behavior. I do think they look out for her as a whole.
    This is a small facility, so I'm not sure where, short of being kept in her room all the time, they could put her so she was separate.
    When I asked her about it Tuesday night, she didn't remember it.

    I've been on the end of the other phone call, when Mom slapped someone, not to mention hitting an aide with a hanger.
    It's hard to know what to do or how to react. I was never very good at this stuff when my son was in school, and that's what this reminds me of.
    I really appreciate your concern.