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Santa Baby

Alcohol is in order. Please standby....

So, yesterday's meeting with the VA rep went fine. Mom performed well. When he asked if she knew what day it was she said yes, then asked him what day it was. Same for the President and year.
Pretty sure she confirmed she was incompetent. 

I have to open a bank account in her name with me as fiduciary. The VA money goes into that account, it can't co-mingle with her other money (her "estate" as he called it. HA!).
It can only be used for her cost of care. If we need to make a purchase over $1000, they have to approve it.
Guess the vacation to Cancun is out.

He wanted to know if the two characters witnesses would attest to my being fabulous, moral, a fine upstanding citizen, and stuff.
I said I sure hope so, cuz I paid 'em.
VA people don't have much of a sense of humor.

This afternoon we went to Rick's Diner. She was making car noises on the way over, it was like riding with Mel Blanc.
She made up a word for zipper too, zerfluffle or something along those lines. My very own Dr. Seuss.

After the chicken salad sandwich, we went to RoomStore to get her a new chair. She's been using this accent chair that has no back support at all, or she sits on her bed, even worse back support.
The short straw went to a very nice salesman named Michael, who did not have a clue what he was in for.
Told him we were looking for a small chair, not deep because she is short, and cheap inexpensive. We wandered around and she sat in chairs, some good with ugly patterns, some bad with good patterns, others too big, too deep, too expensive.
Mom was sitting in this nice red chair ($599 - ah, no), which I noticed was a recliner. She wasn't expecting it, so when I pushed it back, she yells, "Oh God, she's trying to kill me!"
Well, obviously that was hilarious. And brought the whole store to a standstill for a few seconds. Michael left the area, I think to laugh his ass off. He did come back.

We finally settled on a small oatmeal colored chair and ottoman (included in the price) for $199, which he gave us for $159 (perhaps to get us out of the store), the store manager is delivering it for $30 cash on Tuesday (instead of regular delivery charge of $99). Pulling the poor widder woman stuff works sometimes. It's not like I'm lying.

On the way home, she kept asking if I got a chair too.
No, it was for her, Merry Christmas.
"I'd better be good then."


  1. Call in the character witnesses -- the things we go through. Here's another EK link for you, Joking-with-Officials-Girl:

    Anonymous CP

  2. What an adventure. I know it is a serious issue with her but sometimes you just have to laugh and realize these times can be funny as well.

  3. Have to laugh? No way around it...AND so hard I'm crying too! Seriously though, my character witness check must have gotten lost in the mail!