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Yesterday and Today

Went on a nice walk with three of the gals, the two mascots, and the furry gal Solo. Then we sat in the lobby of the very uncrowded and quiet Marriott and drank their complimentary coffee.

Then I went to Mom's. The nurse had just left after re-inserting the Foley, Mom was laying on her bed, subdued and weepy. Presented her present (jeans, a red sweater, and a sparkly flower ring), she was more weepy, (but really liked the ring). Then we watched some "Ben Hur" on TCM.

I did not feel up to taking her to the K&W and I really don't think she was up to it either.
Ripping out a catheter has got to wear you out, don't you think?

Went over to Jim and Daphne's after that and hung out over there for about five hours. I brought over a Whole Foods vegan Harvest Berry pie (I worked so hard!). Dinner was a fresh ham (not cured) from Nancy the egg lady's Fernhill Farm, layered salad (my favorite!), great mashed potatoes, green beans, collards, dressing, and fingerling sweet potatoes. Ate so much layered salad I can barely look at what came home with me, but will probably get over it.
Went home when it started to snow, around 8:30 - 9 PM. Watched "Waking Ned Devine", one of my favorites, and went to bed. 

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Braved a trip to Kroger for the trinity of snow day essentials - bread, milk, and alcohol (wholly spirit!) (okay, okay, it was a cheap "shot"!) (HA!).

Today is a comfort food day - a casserole of baked penne is bubbling in the oven. Threw some horseradish cheddar into the asiago, fontina, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese mix, along with Hogan's Magnolia Farms grass fed beef, and Trader Joe's marinara sauce, which has become my go-to base for anything requiring tomatoey-ness.


I may just watch "Arrested Development" for the rest of the day and eat baked penne and layered salad.

Happy Boxing Day everyone.


  1. Loved your snow pictures & the pasta looks great:-)

  2. Wow! I'm coming over right now. Want some of that snow and pasta. Looks amazing!

  3. Your pictures look a lot like our area.