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Harried Blog Post

Bunch of stuff:

First: It's DRAG BINGO night! Volunteering for set-up.

Second: Here's a picture of Mom on Christmas Day 2010:
She looks totally  recovered from the Foley catheter incident here. Why does this picture make me feel guilty???
Third: My job gets more overwhelming every day. I don't think it's supposed to work like that.

Fourth: One night a few weeks ago the sky at sunset was the color of cotton candy. That was pretty awesome.

Fifth: Last night I went to the University Mall to pick up my Drag Bingo ticket and there was a tango (?) class happening. I love the U. Mall, it's old and small and has only a few national mall types stores. Mostly it's just our stuff. I like that.

Sixth: This afternoon I saw a Smart car driving next to a charter bus. Hilarious. Wish I'd gotten a picture.


  1. Well Kim, except for the job situation it seems you had a pretty good week. That is a really good picture of your mom. that car/bus pic would have been awesome. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Hey Kim,
    Work can be so stressful. Hang in there.
    I have heard so many positive comments about Drag Bingo. I have never been. I may have to put it on my list.
    Did you take the Tango Class....that sounds like fun:-)