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Saturday Night

This was the scene last night as I watched Sons of Anarchy:

Sons of Anarchy features an actor I really like - Tommy Flanagan. You might remember him from Braveheart as the guy with deep scars on both sides of his face.
There's also a couple of actors from my favorite [drama] show ever - Deadwood. Which I can't really recommend as freely as I'd like to because that show took swearing to new heights. Even for me.

Wicked Witch of the East socks courtesy of Keen. (See the R and L on them? I still managed to put them on the wrong feet once.)

Keen sox are pricey (I had an Amazon gift certificate), but boy are they comfy. They have Merino wool padding which varies according to the weight/purpose of the sock and no seams anywhere. Seems like they would be really great if you were a serious hiker/runner.

They get Finn's Good Housekeeping Claw of Approval.

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  1. That is one large cat. My Rocky is usually napping on me as well.