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Twenty Ways To Avoid Doing Your Mom's (or your own) Taxes

Consider it a PSA from little ole me.
I'm here to help, people.

1.) Laundry
2.) Read The Oatmeal blog
3.) Edit and re-edit the last few entries on your own blog
4.) Fold laundry
5.) Do some washing up (aka - wash dishes)
6.) Play with cats/dogs/children
7.) Check Facebook every few minutes
8.) Get something to drink
9.) Rearrange furniture
10.) Make some popcorn - even though you're not hungry
11.) Listen to Dire Straits/Lily Allen/Dwight Yoakum/JJ Cale songs on You Tube
12.) Clean out the frig
13.) Flip mattress
14.) Put clean sheets on bed
15.) Read some other blogs
16.) Check out the Daily Mail online (trashy UK tabloidy type news)
17.) See if Amazon orders have shipped
18.) Look at local weather for next week on NOAA
19.) Bathroom break
20.) Reload stapler

You're welcome.


  1. My favorites are #17 and #20.
    Thanks, Kim.