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Fearrington 9th Annual Folk Art Festival

It is really nice outside today, about 70. Yuck.

I KNOW! Please don't hate me.

But honestly - it's FEBRUARY. The Raleigh groundhog whatshisname (Ah, Sir Walter Wally - thanks Google), saw his shadow for Pete's sake (who the heck is Pete anyway?!).

Anyway, the four hardy souls who turned up and walked in the sweltering heat then drove eight miles up the road to Fearrington and the annual folk art show.

I fell in love with this piece by Gabriel Shaffer  
and while it was not an unreasonable price, it was too much for me after a 35% drop in annual income. But what's not to like about a blue cat??

I settled on this beautiful pin - painted on a piece of goose eggshell: Her work is really amazing - looked like cloisonne enamel.
 You can find more of Stephanie Astalos-Jones' work here:

I'm sure my camera phone photo is not doing it the justice it deserves.

I got another small piece from Danny Doughty
I like pears and eggplants, what can I say.

This is the piece I bought last year from Danny.
Please ignore the paint sample to the right. 


Speaking of art that is as far away from folk as possible, this is my friend Clark Mitchell who does beautiful pastels. Even fifteen years ago he was way out of my price range.

Anyway, off to some wine tasting thing now.

Tomorrow is a pajama, do Mom's taxes, get cat puke off the floor and carpet day. (Is it my imagination or is that happening more often?)

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  1. Great stuff Kim but you grabbed my attention when you said wine tasting. That I really love. Hope you had a good time. Have a great rest of the weekend.