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Saltines and Co-Cola

Missed the walk today, because I woke up with a headache that was not cured by washing dishes or vacuuming. (Those are not my usual cures, by the way.) I could have powered through the headache, but I started feeling kinda punky stomach wise (that was probably caused by housework before coffee).
I went to back to bed until 4 PM, got up and fed the cats (Lillie will brook no excuses - food must be prepared!), ate two pieces of dry toast, anything else sounded heave worthy, and finally gave in to taking an aspirin.
Back to bed until 6:30 PM, headache seemed abated, so I went out for ginger beer (Reed's Extra) and Saltine's - original with salt, because a Saltine without salt is a.) gross and b.) not a SALTine.
And Wendy's for a coke. Coke and Saltines - that is the upset stomach cure all.

As an aside - I need to have a little chat with Nabisco about their packaging. Can you not make eight smaller packages instead of four? You did it for Ritz crackers.
Once one of those packs is opened, the entire thing must be consumed - right now - or be faced with stale crackers tomorrow. Maybe it's genius marketing on their part - I have to buy more saltines sooner.

Hobnobs - an crazy addictive oatmeal chocolate cookie from the UK, used to have that same type of packaging - once opened, never closed again. I was beholden to eat every single one. (shush, I know I could have put them in a ziplock bag) Now they have a snap on lid, so I only eat 1/2 a container at a time. HA!
While we're on the subject of HobNobs - they are what I spent my last six pounds on when I left Ireland. If anyone going across the pond asked what they could bring me back - HobNobs was the answer. That's how dangerously addictive they are.
Now I can get them any old time at A Southern Season, so I rarely have them anymore.

Anyway, feeling better now. Oscar's glad.
Tomorrow's it's supposed to be in the seventies (so wrong) and I had better deal with the leaves or I'll be getting a letter from the HOA.
Ugh. Overlords.


  1. Sorry you had the pain to deal with but your post was very good as it always is. Hope you can get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures today.

  2. If 77 degrees in February is wrong, I don't want to be right . . .

    Anon CP