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Harper Valley PTA

Next Wednesday I have a meeting with CB since Mom's been there one hundred days. This is apparently some sort of marker - like one hundred episodes for a TV sitcom.
Whoo hoo - and we've been renewed for one more season!

Dear god.

Somehow this reminds me of parent teacher meetings. Ugh.

Teacher: You need to know we will have high expectations when it comes to homework.
Me: Wait - homework? But, it's kindergarten.
Teacher (mouth agape): Of course there's homework!
Me (frantically trying to remember if The Boy had brought anything home): That seems wrong. The homework in kindergarten part. It's only half a day.
Teacher (furiously scribbling): You need to take your child's education seriously!
Me (chastened and humiliated): but it's kindergarten...
Teacher (more scribbling with mouth held in hard pinched line):
Me: Oh, is that punch? I'll just get a cup...(slinking out of classroom while making mental note to never to come to another P/T meeting)

They are expecting something from me. Questions, comments. Showing up.
I feel pressure as well as the omnipresent guilt.

I know they judge me for not showing up every day.
I just know it.


  1. Great Kim, hope you had a great sunday.

  2. Who shows up every day??? Good gracious. Your efforts look heroic from the lowly sidelines.
    Anon CP

  3. Wouldn't it be different if your mother needed you every day? But she doesn't. And in some ways it might be easier for her (and for them) if you don't come every day and disrupt whatever routine they have going for her. Anyway, I hope it goes well.