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One of my duties at my faux job for my realtor friend was designing the flyers you find in the "Take One!" boxes harpooned in front lawns of for sale houses.
I really enjoyed doing that - finding the right template for each house, loading the perfect picture for each room, pointing out the efficient working triangle in the kitchen, the gleaming hardwood floors "in the formal areas", etc. But I'd shudder when I read, "freshly painted neutral interior" in J.'s notes.

Because that only meant one thing...

The dreaded Beige.

Oh sure, you can call it Bone, Tan, Buff, Sand, or Belgium Lace, but beige by any other name is still...ugly ...and beige. And BORING! (FYI whoever named that color Papaya - I have never seen, nor would I eat, a papaya that color)

Hello - a soft creamy yellow or green can be neutral. Grays can stand in as well.

Behr is a great site to check out for color ideas There's also ehow. That link happens to be for yellow, but I'm guessing they have other color tips.
Valspar has a link to color samples of historic homes in the National Registry.

Color YOUR world, but please, make it anything but beige!


  1. Color is much better. I agree

  2. Papaya! Very funny! Why not Desk or Sole of Shoe? Bread Crust? Old-Fashioned Window Shade?

    Okay, I'll stop.

    I'm glad you like your job. It doesn't sound faux to me, except for the names of those colors.