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Total Randomness

I feel completely validated in that title because my blog is "...and other random stuff". So without further ado, here is today's randomness, in no particular order.

1) If, while eating some delicious food item, Whole Foods Chicken Alfredo for instance, a piece of bone or gristle appears, I eat the rest of it tentatively waiting for another bad thing.
Does that happen to you?

2.) Been listening to "Middle Cyclone" by Neko Case (solo & New Pornographers). There are so many great lyrics that speak to my poet's ear, such as:
"...I have waited with a glacier's patience...",
"...When I'd rake the springtime across your sheets..."
"...I love your long shadows and your gunpowder eyes",
"...yes, there are things that I'm still so afraid of...but my courage is roaring like the sound of the sun..."
" a passage, so poorly lit, there are moths flying away from it..."

3.) Things I saw today:
a headless deer (who has the car with the head?!), a bumper sticker of a cow with a chicken on its back, the movie "Megamind" (so funny), a very massive brown Newfoundland, one tree, in the midst of green mediocrity, so full of flaming red fall I did a double take.

4.) I'm now binging on books about dogs after enjoying "Scent of the Missing" so much.
The one started today, "Last Dog on the Hill", set a new crying record. That's right - freakin' page one.
"Red Dog Rising" ("...true story of Jeff Schettler and his police K-9, Ronin, a bloodhound...") is next.

5.) Prosecco/champagne/cava/etc. is my legal drug of choice.

6.) Watched "Mon Oncle" again. (rented from the library) What a great movie.
My brother and I saw "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" forever ago in Petaluma and laughed so hard - oh god, when he gets the fox rug stuck on his spur, I come undone.
I like "Mon Oncle" a scoch better. It's so charming, gently hilarious, never mean spirited.
Jacques Tati, you were a genius. (and a Libra, same BD as another genius, John Lennon :)

7.) What in the world is the purpose of blowing leaves? In the fall? Seriously. I passed a landscaping company blowing leaves - into the street - today. A rainy, windy, fall day. Are you kidding?!
What a waste of manpower and gasoline. Errgh.


  1. Well Kim it is a cold and dreary day here in NC this sunday morning. Lots of deer along side the road on my commutes. We have a small herd of them that congregate in our back yard in the late afternoon. Lovely to watch. Hope you have an awesome day.

  2. 1) Yes. Fool me once....
    2)Love these, especially the courage one.
    3)I love what you "see"... except for the headless dear... Yech!
    4)Put on your list "The Art of Racing in the Rain," by Garth Stein.
    5) all three at once for three names for the same drug? Just checkin'.
    6) You're just weird.
    7) Steve & I were wondering yesterday what was the purpose of raking leaves? Under a tree. Full of leaves. Which will fall regularly from now until next Spring. Geeze.
    Thanks for your randomness.
    Love you.

  3. What a fine day of randomness. Yes, we all should be so lucky (except for the deer; I agree with Fawn on that)to see what you see and hear what you hear and then to have your good sense to give a report.

  4. @ Fawn - LMAO at your #6 to my #6.
    C'mon - how can you not find that funny?!
    He's a French Buster Keaton + Charlie Chaplin.

  5. Oh! Thanks for recommending Mon Oncle. After reading here, Tom and I began watching it this morning (on instant Netflix) until I felt the pressure of my housework calling to me, (especially with the woman cleaning so obsessively...heh...) and we will definitely finish watching it later today. So charming! I loved the old-fashioned part of town the best, the old cars had the most amazing colors and the guy's apartment on top of the building was the cutest thing! Thanks for the recommendation...Debra

  6. Ha! Fawn, Debra's weird too :) so there! :P
    Mr. Tati was definitely making a statement about consumerism/modernism, etc. The part of town he lives in is full of people, music, food, dogs - life. While his sister's part of town/house is cold, alienating, sterile, and uncomfortable.
    Gerald, the boy, has so much fun with his uncle, it's the only time you hear him laughing!
    I adore the movie.

  7. I like random stuff. It's good. This is perhaps I know no other way to approach conversation except by stringing together bits of random stuff. Just ask my neighbors.

    If I find gristle, all bets are off. Oddly (and perhaps disgustingly) enough, a hair doesn't bother me as much. Although! Adam once found a used band-aid in an omelet. THAT was a pretty bad brunch, I'll have you know.

  8. Yes, I must be weird because hey! I really, really enjoyed Mon Oncle. I think Tom liked it even more than I did. Thanks so much for the recommendation--we'll have to check out Mr. Hulot's Holiday next.

    Have you seen the Mr. Bean movies? We saw two of them, the one about the Whistler's Mother's painting and the other where he's accused of kidnapping the young boy on the train. Laughed so hard that I cried at that one...heh... Mon Oncle reminded me of Mr. Bean at certain parts so that why I'm asking....Blessings, Debra

  9. @Debra, yes, have seen some of the Mr. Bean movies, and totally see the comparison too.
    I also like Rowan's Blackadder character, especially in the Elizabethan era. Miranda Richardson is the most hilarious QE I, plays her very ditzy. Very different side of Rowan - more bawdy and sarcastic.
    Hugh Laurie also does a funny King George in that Blackadder era/set.

  10. All right... Fine! I'll watch more than the little youtube snippet of Mon Oncle. Don't want to be left out of the weird club. Geeze! Maybe if I see the whole context it would be better.

    Might even lead to Mr. Bean. Why oh why can't I have "normal" friends?!