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All Done

Whew! It only took from 9 AM - 4:30 PM. She wasn't weepy or anything. Honestly she surprises me all the time.
I couldn't have done it without Daphne, Barbara, and Steffi; they packed and schlepped, while I threw stuff away (it has been determined that is my forte, I have been called "brutal". I take some pride in that label).
Let's not forget making me laugh - the most important job of all. Oh, of course, all the prayers and good thoughts from cousins, aunts, family, and friends old and new, on-line and off. I'm convinced that's what made the whole process go so smoothly. Thank you.

We found the DVD player remote that I've been looking for almost two years! Also found the remote to the TV in the lounge across the her room. Scored a big box of labeled [bonus!] old photos. Confiscated the machete and fillet knife I found in a box of my dad's stuff. Yikes.

She sat in the lounge most of the day, I think that's how she dealt with four people pawing through her stuff. TROSA officially started moving at 2 PM and it was all in the truck by 2:30. Two quick right turns and we were at Clare Bridge, they had probably unloaded everything by 3:00. Billy had come down to get her for her hair appointment right before we headed over with the loaded truck, so I took advantage of that "alone" time to unpack most everything, get her bed made, hang a couple of pictures.

During a lull between packing everything and TROSA arriving, Mom and I played with Barbies. She used to sew Barbie clothes (my Barbies' wardrobe was the envy of the neighborhood), Daphne found a box under the bed with clothes, shoes, hangers and dolls.

Daphne sent me a text as Mom was dressing one of them, and when my phone made the little noise it makes for texts, Mom held the doll up to her ear. I had a good guffaw over that. It was so childlike and innocent. She laughed too. She is a good sport most of the time.

(I dropped my phone so many times today, I'm surprised it makes a sound at all!)

Zombie Barbie

When I went to get her, all the aides hugged her neck (as we say in the South) and we sashayed out the door.
"You and I are leaving this place."
We drove to Hardee's for a cola beverage, then around to Clare Bridge.
"I know it here."
You do? Great, this is your new place.
"It is!? Wow."
When we got inside, and she found out she had a new room, well, she was pleased as punch. It's the same direction as her old room, but has much better light and a nice view of a trellis and trees.
We looked at her 43rd anniversary book and a photo (I had typed phone!) book my sister-in-law made of the family (she's really good at that and a great photographer as well), then it was time for dinner. She went off without a fuss; when I left, she was sitting in the living room watching a movie.

Sweet dreams Mom.


  1. Great that everything went so well and orderly. I know you must have been relieved. Hope she enjoys the new surroundings.

  2. Oh! I'm so happy that things went so well and that she likes her new place. I'm praying that she'll continue to be very happy there.

    And something else we have in common--my mom used to sew awesome Barbie clothes, too! My friends loved our dolls' clothes the best and my mom even sold some at bazaars and such. Thanks for the memories! Blessings, Debra

  3. Yes, my mom did too! Some of the clothes still had the ridiculously low price tags still on them.

  4. Oh, I can imagine those low prices from the old days... Forgot to say I love the blue and white dress! My oh my--I so want one just like that for myself! ...Debra

  5. Congratulations to you both! What a big day,and an important day for her. How great (and I agree, surprising) that it went along without a hitch. I hope she stays calm and happy about it.
    Gotta love Barbie. She's always there when you need her most.