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Cinnamon Toast Sidewalks

We had a nice whopping rainstorm last night and the sidewalks/streets/driveways are golden brown and crispy with fallen leaves.

In other news, I smashed two fingers while putting a new container of water in the cooler. Dangit! that hurt. Actually it is still a wee bit throbby five hours later (especially when I press on them).
What is it about something hurting that makes one want to poke at it more?
Do the words "hot plate" make you want to touch the plate? They do me.
What is that?


  1. Yes Kim I can see the warning words on top of a toaster and seems like I just have to touch it even though I know it's not been used & is cool. We had the same stuff here in Halifax County and I slept through the whole thing. Found out today that the crazy VA has scheduled my MRI in Durham for 7:30 PM Friday. That's an hour and a half from Rocky Mount where I work and two hours away from home when I leave there. Will be a late night for sure. Hope the rest of your week goes ok and hope the pain goes away quickly in your fingers. Those water cooler jugs can be really heavy.

  2. Oh Odie, I'm sorry about your leg and the VA and stupid late appointments. I hope they find an answer and are able to help you.