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The Other Oscar Wilde

Doesn't he look like he's pondering some witty saying?


  1. Maybe he's thinking that he's above this kind of behavior:

  2. OMG Andrea that was hilarious!

  3. That's my favorite cat video (and there are a LOT to choose from, as you know).

    Here's a site that made me think of you. I have a hunch you might be a Jane Austen fan. If not, skip it, but if so Oscar might fit right in here:

  4. Andrea - I have never read Jane Austin.
    People, well women mostly, look at me aghast when I confess to that literary sin. :/
    I don't even like the movies - unless it's "Bride and Prejudice" - a great Bollywood version (I own it), by the woman who also directed "Bend It Like Beckham" Loads of fun.