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So my niece asks me, on Facebook, about genealogy yesterday.

$19.95, two glasses of wine, two bowls of ratatouille, one piece of gingerbread, and six hours later, my little desk, creaking under the weight of my dad's briefcase, genealogy binders, and books on Cumberland Island,
looked like this:
What you don't see is the box that held the binder, the loose pieces of paper, photos, and tidbits that are lurking in it. Or the sheaf of military papers that came out of the briefcase.
All waiting for some order.


  1. Ahhhhh...good for you! I love that kind of stuff. Perfect autumn/winter pastime. Every now and then I pull a scroll (created by an aunt)from my office cupboard , unroll it, look at all those odd old names--Jeremiah and Amasa and Nehemiah, etc.--and research family history online for hours on end.
    What was the $19.95 for? Signing on to their site? If that's the case, I think they've reduced the price of membership, which makes it more enticing...

  2. $19.95 is the pay per month price. Cheaper to do a year at a time, but a $155 hit on my credit card is not what I want right now.

  3. Yes,$155 is a lot. A friend was paying $25/mo., so I think they've come down.