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New Room and Old Pictures

Here's the new room:

When we moved her, we found a box full of loose photos, some old, some newer. Some old ones:
 Mom in Fernandina Beach, FL

 Aunt Trish and Mom by a logging cart
You mean now I have to cook something?!
 I love this picture! The look on her face - hilarious.
This is where my sister gets her looks.

My mother never thought she was pretty. I always did.


  1. Very attractive lady for sure. Thanks for sharing

  2. I think my favorite is the one with the bike. She looks so happy (just the opposite of the one for kitchen duty).

  3. I would agree with Andrea. Thinking the kitchen duty looks like polishing pans, more than cooking. She is beautiful. So are you.

  4. I remember those pots from my childhood. I think this was a wedding gift haul.
    The grinder lasted until we had the garage sale in 2008.