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Another prompt. Dated 2/21/07

There are many doorways in the Crane Cottage, an old Italianate mansion on Jekyll Island, Georgia.
The front door is weathered wood with an ornate doorknob and plate. In the back, the courtyard is surrounded by a U-shaped, double barrel vaulted (also called a groin vault, but that doesn't sound very pretty does it?) loggia leading to french doors on each wing.

How I loved this old building. Every time I came there was a new surprise, something I hadn't noticed before: the lion's head gutter spout, wrought iron flower pot holders on the balconies, the shutter tie backs (aka dogs) on the faded peeling blue shutters in the shape of clam shells. Then there were the old peach colored bricks peeking through the broken stucco, chairs in the courtyard with wrought iron leaf backs and bright POW! blue seats. She was unkempt then, but oh so interesting to a photographer; wood, glass, brick - so many textures!

Once, a back gate was open and I snuck inside. There was a beautiful spiral staircase, parquet floor, arches in the hallways all curved angles. When I looked out the front windows, the marsh sparkled and winked at me.

Now she's been gussied up. They tore down the trumpet vine and the cedar tree in the front. All her exposed brick is modestly covered in a new coat of white stucco. You can stay in one of the thirteen bedrooms and eat lunch in the courtyard by the fountain in the chairs with the bright blue seats.

I miss her. She seems sad to me somehow, valiantly trying to be new again. She's too clean, too pretty.

The doorknob's the same, but I don't take her picture anymore.

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  1. I'm so glad you took me there. It was such a beautiful and interesting place. I have three little photos in my kitchen that you took. Details from the window shutters.

    Your writing is beautiful.... Takes us into the beauty you experience all around you.