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And So It Begins

Wednesday I have a "care" meeting about Mom's state of mind; whether she should move to the locked unit.

I have a cold and an interview in Raleigh tomorrow. I don't want to work in Raleigh, it's [at least] a thirty minute drive. I've been fortunate for most of my working life to live three miles average or less from work. I see no reason that should change. There are people who think I should suffer and have a commute. (Those people are mean.)
It's only a part time job at that. Ugh. Am I supposed to be grateful or hold out for what I want? Always a dilemma for me.

Went for a lovely walk this afternoon with B., from Weaver Street Market in Carrboro down Franklin St. to Hillsborough St.; it was such a pleasant day (and company). The briskness is back in the air. It felt so very southern with the grand houses (now mostly sororities or fraternities), and row of massive trees shading the brick paved sidewalk.

Later, we had a squirrel watch!

 So that's been our day.

Oh, more randomness -
Book: for dog lovers (and likers ;), "Scent of the Missing", an account of one woman's training of her first search and rescue dog, a Golden Retriever named Puzzle. Fascinating, funny, and poignant. (Did you know they are all volunteers?!)
Documentary: "Afghan Star", an American Idol type search for the top singer in Afghanistan, after the Taliban has been ousted and singing is legal again.
TV Series: "Bramwell" (1995. Apparently was on PBS in the late nineties) - terrific British TV series about a young woman doctor set in late 1800's London. I love Netflix!


  1. I pitty anyone who has to work in Raleigh. I had to do it for about a year over on Old Wake Forest Road and lived in Nashville at the time. It was a miserable commute. I hope you can hold out for something closer to home. I am loving this time of the year as well and so is my little dog. There were so many days when he couldn't get outside when the temps were in triple digits. Have a great evening and an awesome tuesday.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Love the picture of your cats:-)
    Hope the interview for your mom went well.
    Sounds like you had a nice walk on a beautiful day. I am off today and the plan was to take Brodie on a long walk.....its pouring rain! Maybe another day.
    Take Care & good luck with the job search.

  3. I haven't any idea what Raleigh is like. All I can think of are the cigarettes my parents used to smoke and then save the coupons--wasn't that Raleigh? If so, don't go there!
    Those cats look so beautiful. Who would brush them to that fine gleam if you went off and irresponsibly took up employment?
    But of course speaking to the real life side of things, I do hope you get something soon.

  4. @Odie - well now comments about a commute from Nashville to Raleigh make me seems like a big whiny baby complaining about 30 some minutes one way!
    @Andrea - Don't remember that cigarette. My dad smoked Lucky Strike - from good ole Durham.
    chalk those glossy fur coats up to expensive food I can barely afford. :)