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Happy Thanksgiving

My cunning plan was to stay in my pajamas all day.

 And also eat turkey and pie (not necessarily in that order), but Steffi texted me with an offer of a walk.

I did the right thing and went for a virtuous three miler.  

 Since I was out, I went over to Mom's to drop off a new bra, the pajamas I bought the other night, and a few other essentials.

She was pretty funny with the new bra.
"They're way up here!"
Actually, that's where they should be.
"Are you sure?"

Her back was hurting, so we dug out her back brace. Between the new bra and the brace which acts like a corset, they really were up there.

It occurred to me that two years ago we had Thanksgiving dinner in Hillcrest Convalescent Hospital. It was after she slipped off the bed and got a compression fracture in her back. The crack that diagnosed the dementia and forced the move to Wynwood.
She didn't remember any of it.

Even though it wasn't the plan, we ended up going to K&W Cafeteria for a Thanksgiving lunch.
She had ham.
And felt herself up every five minutes.

She recognized the wife of another inmate/resident standing in front of us as we waited to check out.
I never believe her when she says she knows someone. It seems so odd she'd recognize someone she's only seen several times, but can't bring up a mental picture of her children or grandchildren.
A dear friend sent me this link earlier this week. I'll try that with pictures of her grandchildren.

Now I'm back home fixing to eat some turkey and cranberry conserve. And thankful.
But no more so than any other day.


  1. Hi Kim,
    Glad you were able to spend some time with her today and K & W is always a great place to be. That would have been a good place for our group to go today instead of doing all that cooking and trying to manage the leftovers. I am sure the one in Rocky Mount was busy. Have a great evening and a restful night.

  2. So glad you had a nice day, Kim. I was thinking about you and wondered what you decided to do. And I loved your last sentence, for I believe everyday should be full of Thanksgiving, too, not just one or two special days of the year (which I think is what you meant... but if you meant something else, don't tell me. heh). Blessings, Debra

  3. @ Debra, yes that is what I meant. :)