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Yesterday when I went to CB, Mom was in one of the dining rooms "making" pumpkin pie. A. (an aide) was going to get her, but I asked her to wait, I'd go get her after I put the new sheets and quilt on her bed.
A. and I talked for awhile, she said Mom was doing so good. Her sugar's been in the low 100's after breakfast (really good).
Several of the aides know Mom from her smoking days, when they'd all convene in the patio area of Wynwood to enjoy their little death sticks (sorry. just a bit of judgment to start the day). When she saw A. here, she hugged her and said "I remember you!" (Hopefully she won't remember the connection.).

Mom told A. she moved here so she could be "normal".

She does seem happier here. And again, I feel like I've done the wrong thing keeping her in a place she wasn't suited for.
Ah well, I will not should myself today, as my friend Judith says.

We went to Dillard's to see what the sale racks held.
I'm a guerrilla [clothes] shopper - go in, hit the target, get out.
Mom is not. She's a - touch everything, look at every rack, comment on each item from shoes to plus size suits - kind of shopper. Add to that a dash of holy-crap-where'd-she-go and a jigger of champagne-taste-cheap-beer-budget and voila! you have the makings of an exhausta-tini. (a silly drink I made up to explain that shopping with her is tiring.)
Scored two pair of pants and three shirts. Returned a pair of pants and a shirt later and found her two pair of cute pajamas.

We decided to go to Rick's Diner, but on the way there, she spied Bob Evans. A mad sideways dash across three lanes of traffic ensued to accommodate the change in plan.

Later, when we returned stuffed full of open-face roast beef sandwiches and omelets, we tried on the clothes. Turns out she was wearing a pair of pajama pants under her slacks. No wonder they were tight.
The quilt and sheets were new all over again. (Could probably save a lot of money by telling her everything in her closet is brand new. But how mean would that be?)
Then we held hands and watched part of a Jack Benny movie in the living room while everyone else ate dinner.


  1. Hi Kim! i really enjoy your blog, just wanted to say that! also wanted to say that the cat/dog/fox pics are in again! finally! i have some saved in the back for you to peruse through. just ask if you come in and i'm not there :)

    haven't made progress on your earrings/ring.. sorry. it's been crazy!

  2. Great blog Kim, always enjoy spending time with your posts.

  3. That is just so sweet at the end there it totally made me cry. Even though I really do understand something of how this is for both of you, I'm happy that you can hold hands and watch Jack Benny. Anonymous CP

  4. Hmmm....Don't know what happened to my comment but whoosh, away it went!
    Thanks for sharing this, Kim. As the holidays approach, normal is a good feeling to have.