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Today's The Day

Been avoiding Mom since last week. I really have had a cold, but it's more cowardice on my part.
Honestly, this whole journey is rapidly becoming like dusting.

I hate dusting. Can someone please invent one-time dust? It doesn't need to take precedence over a cure for cancer or any other crap disease, but you know, really, really soon after that. Thanks in advance.
Here's the conversation in my head about dusting: "What?! More dust?! I just did it three weeks ago! (or was that five...) Where does this stuff come from? [glares suspiciously at cats innocently lolling about nearby] Do you guys have a dust manufacturing plant nearby? Is THAT what you do all night while I'm sleeping?!"

Some very kind friends are coming to help, one of them even picked up boxes. I hadn't even done that. Such a loser. I'll go over before them and tell her the news. Crap, just remembered I need to get $200 in cash to pay the movers. Maybe I can pack her off to the hairdresser's today. Lord knows she needs it.

On a total different note, my niece, (another one, not the one responsible for my startlingly fast addiction to ;), picked me to be her pen pal. (Seriously, how adorable is THAT?) Her letter came yesterday. She told me about her Halloween evening and going to a haunted house nearby. The last line was "[her brother] brought a friend. I brought a friend too, my dad." Awww!

Well, I'd better go get dressed and, in the words of Miracle Max in "The Princess Bride", ..."have fun storming the castle."

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  1. Hey Kim.. been keeping up with your blog.. feeling so sad for you and for Aunt Betzi.. know you are overwhelmed.. know that I am thinking of you and Betzi and praying all will go smooth as possible and that you will find a good job soon..

    ps I also am praying for you to find a job you'll like :) that always helps. Love to you both,