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The Blank I Didn't Blank

Here's a prompt that didn't work for me. When they don't, those fifteen minutes can seem like an eternity. 

June 12, 2010
Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here, my brain is sluggish, not ready. So many blanks, so little time.

What blank haven't I blanked?
One night stand. Check.
LSD. Check.
Oh wait, cocaine is a blank I didn't.
So f***ing boring.

My mind is on other things. I'm hot, sweaty, haven't seen Mom in two weeks, guilty, not guilty, my neck hurts, wish I'd gotten more coffee, sweat is running down my back and that is gross. Gack.
Fawn comes next week for eight days. I hope we don't hate each other by the time it's over. I'm already worried about that.
F***ing neck.
Stream of consciousness is not working for me today.
Some people have already turned over a page - how do they do that?! I have a small cramp just from this much. I wish I hadn't gotten the omelet at Foster's, eggs were overcooked. God, I am such a complainer, really a worry wart.
God I hate being sweaty. Great, more complaining. STFU. Seriously. Freakin' Debbie Downer. Am I avoiding? More lazy. I am lazy. This is becoming more clear to me the older I get. I am one lazy ass MFer.
Someone is wearing a sweater! Makes me hot just to think about it.

Blah blah blah. Shit. Still have to go see Mom. Again more lazy. Mental lazy, emotional lazy.
The lazy I didn't lazy. OMG. This takes awhile to get into the swing of things. Some good writers in here today, Joelle, Virginia - they've already written a ready to publish article I'm sure.
[and mercifully, the timer goes off]


  1. HAHAHA! That was terrible - and depressing... except the part that Fawn comes next week and you hope we don't hate each other by the time it's over. Sure 'nuf. Had a great time. Loved you all the more. But now I hate you because you put in about 20 posts to my one. But I love every one of yours. Even this one.

  2. @Fawn - The worst part - that's what goes on in my head ALL THE TIME. Pretty much.
    Haha - we are the friends we love to hate. :)

    My posts are marshmallow fluff compared to your meaty morsels. They do not compare.

  3. That's what goes on in EVERYONE'S heads ALL THE TIME! Isn't it amazing? Even mine! (wink) except for those brief momentary AHAH moments when I take charge of that evil beast and tell him to leave me alone 'cause I've got better things to think about.... Then ensues the argument, the whining, the yelling, and the refusals. Whichever of us is more stubborn wins. Sometimes it's a whole gang.

    No... Your posts are real and raw and everyone can relate - and laugh - and cry. You alone dear one have that special gift. I hate that!