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Just kidding.
No, wait, I'm not. 

It's official. Mom needs to move to the...(dundundun)..."memory care unit", a.k.a., the locked building, the Alzheimer's section.
Over $1000 more a month than she's paying now.
She could stay where she is - except with a 24 hour sitter that makes where she is now WAY more expensive. 53 hours x $17 an hour is $901 - for just over two days.

 Tuesday's the big day. Haven't told her yet. Been staying away, mostly because I have a cold and partly because it sucks. She has an inkling I think.
Why, why did she have to go for a walk?! She doesn't even like to walk.

Oh man.
Called TROSA - the easy part, they're on the ball.
Called Time Warner cable - who keep hanging up on me because they know how much I enjoy being on the phone with them. I still have to call them more. arrggghhhh.
Then pack her up (for the third, fourth time?) and let the schlepping begin!

I didn't go on the interview in Raleigh. Part time, $10 an hour. Not worth it. 3-8 PM which is not bad, if it was around here. I don't see so well at night anymore so I-40 at night would not be fun.

Anyway, I plan on making this weekend fun. "Megamind", book club, and Prosecco. Yea.

Storm cloud through leaf on windshield


  1. When I have to go to the VA hospital for whatever reason and it gets late the streets are so busy and I do not like driving at night either especially when it is so thick with vehicles. I do hope you find lots of joy in this weekend.

  2. Hi Kim, I linked over here through Go Ask Alice and am glad to have discovered your blog. The aging (and ailing) parent issue is such a difficult one. I wish you well on this journey. And yes, Prosecco is a very good idea.