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Let's See

  • I had some ideas about what to write about earlier today and have now forgotten them. They were mix and match things. 
  • Driving = great place for ideas to percolate - no where to write them down.
  • Everyone should have coffee come out of their nose from laughter at least once in their life. My turn came this morning as I read Hyperbole and a Half's entry about moving with her two afflicted dogs. Omg. No wonder she has 31,000 plus followers. (no, that is not a typo. how does one get that many followers? besides being hilarious.)
  • Picked up some hot chorizo at the wine store next to the Thai Cafe. Obviously, they have a little more than wine; local [and not] cheese, local salami, truffle stuffed/chocolate covered figs (so good!!!). I can't wait to have some chorizo with scrambled eggs.
  • Speaking of spicy pork products, one of my favorite employee meals from my Steve's Bar-B-Q  days (we were Steve's Bar-B-Cuties) was the Bip Bam Hot Damn - hot links, linguica, grilled onions and cheese on grilled dark rye (price - $3.95). Yea.
  • That's me - the one with the circle around her 80's poodle permed mulleted big shoulder padded bad self. (it looks like I'm wearing bedroom slippers. That cannot be right!)
  • It is freezing in this closet/Suite 101/home office. So cold it feels like it could snow in here.

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  1. Now you've gone and got me hungry Kim. I love spicy food too and lots of it. Enjoyed your post today a lot.

  2. I'm hungry too Odie.
    Thanks for your post Kim:-)

  3. Love the photo. Nice group!
    Made me hungry too - especially after watching about bacon this morning on FB.

    Time for breakfast.