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Mom Update

We went out to dinner on Monday. She kept asking if she was going home, or if I taking her home with me. She introduced me as her mother.

This morning I received an email from the doctor:
"I saw your mother this week and she appears to be making the transition to Clare Bridge wonderfully. The staff reported that she was cooperative, pleasant and taking all meds etc. I did find her blood sugars much lower this week. It may be better control of diet, not sure, but have decreased her medications and will continue to do so. Her blood pressure was good."

Funny, we were paying for a carbohydrate controlled diet in Wynwood (and aren't here), yet her sugar is down, maybe because they don't let her skip meals.


I had forgotten about this "special edition" Barbie. This was for a friend who was afraid she was going to get fat and grow facial hair after her hysterectomy. (Helen was a tiny petite woman who regularly "forgot to eat" and had to "make" herself eat half a sandwich. I have forgotten to eat, um...let me think...oh right, that would be exactly never, in my life.)
Being the sensitive concerned friends we were, we made this care package for her recovery. Mom sewed the hospital gown, wrist band, and cut Barbie's hair into a bob [of sorts] just like Helen's.

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