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I'm driving back from somewhere Saturday and passed a house for sale. "I'm Gorgeous Inside!", it proclaimed.

HA! I snorted. "Me too!" Then I wondered...


Because since Fawn's been here, I fear I have been rather less than gorgeous.

All those deep, passionate posts about her fabulous OTHER friends has awakened in me the slatternly cousin of jealousy:

"Oh, your friend Fawn was delightful!"

"Her blog is great! Makes me want to meet Harrah!"

"She seems like such an interesting person!"

Yeah. Sigh.

That's my M.O. with Fawn, how we got into relationship, with me having to confess that I really didn't like her very much - because I was envious of her. Ouch.
I would have used the word jealous until reading this Wikipedia article on envy.

Ugh. Envy is worse. Seven deadly sins worse.

Excuse me while I go scourge myself.

Gorgeous inside indeed.


  1. Fiddlestix, you are altogether gorgeous, end of story -- not to invalidate your feelings, etc. etc. XO, Anonymous

  2. I think you are wonderful:-)

  3. OMG do NOT even go there! You are truly one of the most sincere people I have ever met. Your writing has been so transparent. The more I have read, the more I have been in awe of how blessed I am to have met you.

    Frankly, I see nothing for you to be envious of. I'll leave it at that.

    Keep shining! When your light goes out, those creepy crawlers (envy, low self esteem) run rampant.

    I love you sooo much!
    Just stop it. Do you hear me? Stopitstopitstopitstopit!
    I can never be as honest and passionate as you. I hate you for that!
    So just quit.

  5. Well Kimmie, Yes Indeedee Doo.... Gorgeous Inside. Envy and All. Part of what makes you sooo gorgeous inside is that you let us all SEE you inside. You are so transparent, and it makes me want to be transparent too... though I think I'm too chicken 'cause I'm not as brave as you....

    And you let me come and spend a week at your house even though you don't like me very much. That's not only brave - it's generous and loving and well.... pretty darn amazing. And it makes me love you all the more... And hate you 'cause I'm not as brave or generous or loving as you. I'm just lucky that you loved me enough to tell me that you hated me.

    ... I agree with the Manxsters.


  6. Fawnie - of course I LOVE you. I just don't want other people liking you or you liking other people - more than ME!
    See - it can be about ME sometimes too! :-)