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Work in Progress

After my house didn't sell, I thought "Fine then! I'll make it the way I want it."

So out with the old "motel bathroom":
(I want to know who thought this was
a good idea or look. Stupidest thing ever.)

Hello door. Well, there will be a door, after today:

Goodbye to the fireplace no-one noticed:

Hello mantel and built-in's (cabinets and shelves coming later today):

It's really amazing how much difference the mantel alone made. The fireplace now has presence, even with the icky 1980's glaring brass trim. (anyone have any ideas on what to do about that? Paint?)

Even more amazing - Finn has not claimed it as his spot...yet.
Bet he's just waiting for me to put all my priceless family heirlooms up there first.


  1. A ha! I have a fireplace almost JUST like that. I'll bet you a dollar the fireplace cover is removable. Mine is. I bought some semi gloss black engine spray paint, took off the cover, scuff sanded the horrid brass trim and then spray painted it. Voila! New, unobtrusive fireplace.

    Note: the deal with the spray paint is that you need to get the kind that holds up to high heat. The kind you buy to spray paint your outdoor grills is nearly always flat black, and doesn't match up well. Hence the engine semi gloss.

  2. Are you back in action shinyadornments? How's YOUR new house?

  3. You have a fireplace??!! Just Kidding - sort of. Love the improvements. Can I come back now?

  4. Been meaning to tell you I love the new mantle! Perfect choice. Oh, and I accidentally deleted your comment at my blog today...argh... my fingers moved faster than my brain (I hate it when that happens). But I did look up the Feliway and it looks like a possiblity! Thanks for the recommendation. Blessings, Debra

  5. Yes! back in action, sort of. The shops are open the house is mostly unpacked. Now I am chotchki purchasing mode for all the new shelves in the new house. LOL