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Brave New World

(Colors By Steffi. And Barbara (she of the aubergine idea.)

The wall behind the fireplace will be Jalapeno Jelly, all other walls Butter (light lemony yellow), except the knee wall and the wall over the !%$#* plant shelf (yet another BAD 1980's idea), those will be Smoky Mauve. The darker yellow got canned.

There was a wee hiccup involving the carpenters having to replace the HUGE cabinet they built which stuck out way past the fireplace hearth.
Both parties were guilty - them not sending drawings they promised - twice. And me not pushing for promised said drawings and not staying when they were putting in the huge cabinet. I would have nixed it then - before it was nailed into place. Learning curve.
Funny thing, he said the second one was much easier to build!

I'm happy with the [new] end result; cabinet is same depth as bookcase.

The Jalapeno Jelly is the lighter green on left. (The commercial on TV is for painters tape. I did not plan that.)

Alan, the painter, is painting as I type, with Finn helping him, surely. Alan called yesterday to say that Finn had climbed his ladder and was supervising from on high. Crazy kitten.

Hey, listen to this other brilliant idea from Steffi: put pictures on the knee wall.

Why, hello, outside of the box.

(so much for me being your artsy-fartsy sister, Russ. I never would have thought of that.)

More pictures to come. Because I know you all are living vicariously through me.

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  1. Oh, I'm loving the changes! Can't wait to see the end result. Blessings, Debra