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I love all the little connections in the blogging world.

From my friend Fawn's blog, I found As I See It Now and This One Time. Insightful, often achingly tender posts from these two. Also in the same vein, our wise mutual friend, Warren. All three are spiritual without finger pointing.

I like that.

Then Fawn linked to my friend Rosemary's blog, Love is Forever, who is very under followed in my opinion. She is an extremely talented poet and writer.

Don't remember where I found the link to Inner Fat Girl, but I'm glad I did. She is one funny, savvy, sometimes very poignant, young woman.

Go Ask Alice...When She's 94 made a comment on my blog which I followed to her blog. A serious wordsmith, writing about her 94 year old mother with heartbreaking sensitivity.

My friend Kathiey writes about exploring her world with such joy! Bloom where you're planted is her motto (that's my take anyway).

Then there's the peaceful, creative Vespertine Cafe, which for me is a place to rest, to appreciate beauty and those who produce it.

Maybe if you bug her, Life's A Dance will actually post more. (Good old guilt - what would we do without it?!)

Make it a point to check out the blog links on your friend's blogs - you never know what you might find, what connections you might make.


  1. Thanks for the promo dear friend. You're teaching me how it's done!

  2. Oh! Another mention in your blog. You're spoiling me! :) But I totally know what you mean. Over the 6 years I've been blogging, inside my head I really do picture a neighborhood of my fellow bloggers. It feels very much like a community, like friends stepping from door-to-door to share coffee and deep (and light) conversation. Thanks for being the new gal in my neighborhood! Blessings, Debra

  3. Thanks for the nice post Kim. I am trying to "bloom where I am planted", takes an effort at times, but what else can you do but try to be happy in what you have & where you are & by making changes where needed. I too love the blogging community. Many times I feel they are my closest friends. I would be very lonely without it. Keep on posting, it does touch lives, it has touched mine:-)

  4. Thank you so much, Kim. Your blog has been a touchstone for me. I want to check out all the blogs in your community. For years I ignored the whole phenomenon and now here I am, happily obsessed. You have encouraged and supported me, someone you don't even know, and for that I am really grateful.