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Fourth of July

"I'm always running behind the time..." as Joni Mitchell sings in "Just Like This Train".

So here's my behind the time post for the Fourth of July in
Carrboro, NC.

Men in kilts - my favorite!
(no, really!)

Recorded them playing "Scotland The Brave" on my phone, but am not talented enough to get it on here.

Bagpipes always, always give me goosebumps (blood memories again surely) and make me a bit teary. Weird. (PS - I also like accordions. What is wrong with me?!)

They even had a Lambeg drum, though not the full sized one; you can hear and feel those from over a mile away. It would have scared the children.

The Lambeg is tied to the Orange Order, Unionists, Northern Ireland, The Troubles, and other complicated things that are part of my Ulster-Scots (a.k.a. Scots-Irish) heritage. Makes me so proud - NOT.

This post is just a belated remembrance of good friends, small towns, and a birthday.

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