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Let's Have A Day

Here's a fairly new behavior: outside each room there's a small shelf and she's started displaying things on it; sometimes it's DVD's or knick knacks, other times it's framed photos or piles of folded clothes, yesterday it was perfume and lotion.

Knocked on her door, no answer. Mom was sleeping like the dead, so I used the twenty minutes or so before she woke to collect the jewelry she leaves laying around and go through her closet for too small clothes.
The TV was parked on VH1, (what is up with that?!), but I was afraid if I changed it, she'd wake up and discover my thievery.

She's cranky and disoriented for the first few minutes after waking up. Looks at me like I'm some sort of alien being she's never seen before, doesn't respond to questions.
Wanted to make her bed; that doesn't involve anything since she sleeps on top of the covers, but you have to work around the piles of clothes that line the perimeter. She has probably never slept under the covers the whole year she's been there. She was laying on a lighter and a pair of scissors. I pocketed the lighter when she was in the bathroom and threw it away.

We went to Rick's Diner at their new location next to the Post Office. Bigger, and slower, still working out the kinks. Mom proclaimed their sweet tea "tasted like everything". When we got in the car she said, "Let's have a day!" Okay.

Part of the day involved getting a safe deposit box for the jewelry I'd collected. She waited patiently while I filled out paperwork, etc., I didn't tell her what I put in there.

Then we went to Great Clips to get her hair washed, since it was dirty. That was right across from Target, so we continued our "day" there. A car alarm was going off as we walked across the parking lot and she said, "Someone must have died. They'll be prettier."

She is really attracted to costume jewelry, the bigger and more colorful, the better (note the large fake turquoise ring from the last Target visit).

Then we tried on hats:

(It looks like she's crying in the first picture, but she's laughing)

We circle the store and she spies watermelon, as she fondles a package of pre-cut slices she laughs her new weird fake sounding laugh, "Heh, heh, heh.". I take it she wants some. She wants strawberries too. I herd her towards the check-out.

When we get to the car, she wants to sit in the back seat for the ride home.

And that was our day.

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