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A Hard Decision

When I left Wynwood yesterday, a woman was deadheading the marigolds in the flower beds. She said to get some because that's where the seeds are. I did as I was told.

Their car was parked next to mine and we started talking. They live in an independent living facility now, but were looking into moving in because their daughter had uttered the words every parent dreads:

They're a burden.

Her perky and peppy husband is in the early stages of Alzheimer's; she has some health issues. If they move into Wynwood, they can be together for the time being (in a very small room), but eventually, as the disease progresses, he will have to move to a locked facility.

There's a fine line between being okay on your own and being unable to realize you need help. In 2004, I asked Mom to consider selling the house in FL and move in with me, but she wasn't ready to do that then. Four years later it was too late, she was beyond that.

This is the between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place that this couple finds themselves - not ready to move, but of course, they don't want to be a burden either.

Is there a middle ground?


  1. Isn't it interesting how God places the seeds of the future in what most only recognize to be a deadhead?

  2. "I did as I was told." This made me smile, Kim. The Great Mother speaks and we obey.

    Alzheimer's, dementia. other health issues--these are the real burdens. Sad to think their daughter doesn't recognize this.