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A Step In the Wrong Direction

The new psychiatrist just called. Wanted to touch base, get a bead on Mom; wondered if I had seen any recent changes. Mostly her being a bit cranky.

The staff says in the last three weeks Mom has been agitated, crabby, swearing more, and refusing to take her meds sometimes.
They're going to do some tests to make sure she doesn't have an infection. Since she can't express that she hurts or where, it could come out as crabby.

They'll probably increase her Remeron (anti-depressant). I asked if her vitamin D could be increased from 400 I.U.'s. That amount hardly even seems worth taking. Lots of studies out about depression, well being in general, and vitamin D going hand in hand.

She knows I still belong to her somehow, even if she doesn't know my name (or says she doesn't). But she doesn't have any long term memory anymore, hasn't for awhile actually.

Vascular dementia has a step wise progression. Guess this is another step down - towards the basement.

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