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Happy Samhain

Samhain (SOW-wan) is the Celtic New Year.
In the spirit of the season we went to Fearrington for their PumpkinFest Friday night. Fearrington is a "village" down the road towards Pittsboro. It used to be a farm. They kept the silo, a few of the belted cows and goats as a reminder of what used to be. There's a barn where weddings and the Folk Art Festival is held. A gift shop, a nice book store, a casual dining place or two, an inn, and a very expensive (and I hear very good) restaurant. And houses.

I didn't know what to expect, but I sure didn't expect the absolute horde of people. Silly me.
Children in costumes, (my favorite was a little girl dressed as a unicorn, wearing the unicorn head sideways), dogs, knots of people in front of each pumpkin.You had to do the fair walk shuffle: couple of quick steps, stop, quick step, stop, try to step around, stop...

Here are some of the turnips and pumpkins:

 These are turnips - the original jack o'lantern.
The turnips smelled a little.


  1. Never thought of using turnips. Those photos are really great and so well done. I follow Tom & Debra's blog and saw where your comment said you were in NC. I spent most of my life in Nashville and moved to Halifax after re-marrying back in 04. That is a pretty drive through Pittsboro and I really need to get back to the Zoo sometime. I work in Rocky Mount as a service manager for an office machine dealership and have 5 guys that travel all over eastern NC repairing copiers. I have 3 grown girls 26, 36 & 41 this year. My wife & I just got back from a cruise to Nassau & Freeport and I have 3 sets of pictures on my blog as well as a variety of stuff. Hope you are having a great first of the week.

  2. Thanks Odie. They were taken with my camera phone, I was surprised they came out at all.
    Isn't a small world?