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I Heart Durham II

Tonight I went with friends to Duke's Page Auditorium to hear a Persian classical music concert.
Wow. Amazing stuff.
The music had flavors of Greek, Roma, Turkish, and Indian woven through it. It reminded me of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project

Salar Aghili the singer, is like Iran's Pavarotti, at least that's what I imagine. So far I haven't found a video that captures, as Rosemary put it, "his pipes." His voice was pure, sharp and hit me in the solar plexus.

All the musicians were incredible. The woman (his wife?) in the video link above was also in the ensemble, playing the same tambourine/drum. Her solo totally kicked major butt.

Hossein Behroozinia, (actual playing doesn't start until about 2 minutes in) who is apparently a Barbat (Persian lute) rock star was also in the musical line-up.

One more reason to love living in a college(s) town.

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