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I Heart Durham Again

Somehow I missed the Only Burger truck phenom. (Food trucks are the new trendy food thing.)
But that's okay, because now Only Burger is also in a building (do you know how hard it is to type with a purring cat using your arm as a pillow?), right next to Rick's Diner.
They just came in second place on the Food Network's “The Great Food Truck Race”.

Very small inside, a couple of booths and a couple of tables. Couple more outside. It's hopping at lunch.
Long, patient line. On the recommendation of someone waiting for their food, I started with the basic burger and fries. The onion rings looked amazing, but they were 86'ed by the time it was my turn at the counter. Next time. The fries were great, hand cut, almost shoestring, with salt and pepper. Burger was delicious, nice and drippy.

Art on the wall. For those of you who are not Durhamites, that's our beloved Lucky Strike tower and and a pair of Duke Blue Devil hands holding Duke Chapel.

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