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Progressive Dinner

Last night, the FU We're Over Fifty gals (group name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) had a progressive dinner.

At first, the idea shook us up a bit - to the tune of eleven pages of comments since the middle of September. Peace talks in Northern Ireland have had less discussion.

We were concerned: How would this work? How will we get food from A to B? Wouldn't that be a lot of driving? If I have potatoes for home C, how will I get them there? Wait, how would this work again?

It came off without a hitch, (except for me forgetting my purse at home B, necessitating a retrieval trip from  gracious hostess of said home); the food and even more importantly - the company, was great divine.
And all twelve us us managed to get from one house to another with only a minimum of misplacement.

photo courtesy of E.D.
Hostess A: appetizers and wine. Tiny chicken dumplings, shrimp and lobster morsels, baked kale & Gruyere, hummus, and crudites in the lovely home of B. Her granddog, a delightful pug, was visiting. So was her grandcat, but she is much more shy, and did not make an appearance.
S., the timekeeper (and thinker of progressive dinner event), said it was time to move on, so we did.

Hostess B: cheese and salad (and more wine). Two adorable cats, Tigger and Dragon, greeted us from the staircase, looking for all the world like little feline velociraptors. A delicious assortment of cheese, a great rice salad with fruit and yogurt and a green salad. Another beautifully decorated home. Some of us stood around the kitchen island looking at decorating "porn" (Kitchen & Bath magazine) Once again, we had to leave too soon.

Hostess C: The home of S. & T. was filled with fairy lights, good humor, five chihuahuas, and many found treasures. This was the serious sit down portion of the meal. Roast beef, an Indian inspired chicken dish with vegetables and quinoa, side dish of rice, beans, veggies, scalloped potatoes with sun-dried tomato pesto, and fabulous home made rolls. And more wine. The hostess' husband served as the in-house chef and made the delicious roast beef and gravy  Groaning, we pushed ourselves from the table and headed to our final destination.

photo courtesy of E.D.
Hostess D: coffee and dessert. Unbelievably I passed on dessert, but everyone else said it was the lightest cheesecake they'd ever had (with a gluten free crust!), and the chocolate mousse pie was divine. There was a fruit tart and biscotti as well. Another beautifully decorated home, more adorable animals (two cats, one dog).

We can't wait until the next one!

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  1. Oohh Jealous! Sounds like so much fun... I love the way you tell it too.

    Next time, we'll start with a bit of wine tasting in Sonoma County.... k?