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Doesn't that sound romantic? Boy loves girl, girl loves boy - but parents don't.
OR, even better, boy and girl decide not to buy into the current debt inducing wedding day gluttony.

However, in geriatric terms it's not so good.
It means Mom went on a walkabout.

Thankfully she was found before the police had to be called, picking up bottles down the block - doing her bit for the environment apparently.

She has to have a "sitter" 24/7 for awhile. I think they ease off after a week or so, but if it happens again, she has to move to the locked unit.
They were calling me when I walked in the door this afternoon.
Then we went to the cafeteria and walked U. Mall, found some cute clothes in Dillard's - on sale.
If she's going to wander, at least she'll look good.

I might write more later, as soon as I can talk about it without using the phrases ARE YOU KIDDING ME, HOLY CRAP, and  HOW MUCH WILL THAT COST.  

AND...I found out I didn't get another job today.  
yay...because it wasn't "the" job...So happy I didn't get it, because it wasn't the one for me. Whoo hoo. 

Oh my god.

BUT, look at this gorgeous tree:


  1. Oh, my... boy, the crap just keeps hitting the fan. Hang in there. Love you, Pam

  2. Uh-oh. Not good.

    Thanks for the gorgeous tree, though--glass half full attitude, I guess, but when it's half full of colors like this it's really a good idea to drink up.