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The Writing On The Wall

This new job, that is supposed to be only seven hours a day, is going to be my excuse in the "post-a-day" semi-goal.

I am admitting defeat a mere one month in.

Say what you will, but one advantage of being over FU Fifty - is that I am smart enough to know when I'm beaten. No shame in throwing in the towel. No more feeling like I have to prove myself.

Missed a call last night from someone talking about physical therapy for Mom. Guess I need to return that one.
Add it to the list: taxes times two, VA paperwork (before March 1), calling VA regarding direct deposit into the newly set up custodian account (where did I put that paperwork?!), paying her bills, wondering how I'm going to pay mine, working, and sticking in a visit here and there.
I have to get ready for work now.


  1. Sometimes we really want to accomplish certain things but real life has a way of taking over and upsetting our plans. We just have to get over it and get on with life. No shame in that.

  2. Hey Kim,
    I think those of us over 50 have the right to change our mind:-) You are doing the right thing by setting limits. That is how we take care of ourselves and thus better equip ourselves to care for those around us.
    I hope you like your new job!