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Puddin' Cat

While I'm on the cat theme, here's Oscar enjoying the down filled couch (made in NC mind you).
I hardly ever sit on the darn couch, if I do, I get looks.
Looks that say - what are YOU doing on here?!
If the evil cat stink eyes don't get to me and I hold my ground - I paid for it dammit, I get to sit on it - then the claws and teeth in my scalp will. Finn sometimes takes umbrage with my head being inside his personal cushion bubble. Either that or he will use my shoulder as an additional butt pillow.

Oh, and just so you know, it is going to get cold again (it was over 60 today).
You know why?
I took the silk comforter off the bed today.
That's like lighting a cigarette while waiting for the bus. Pretty much guarantees it's showing up in about thirty seconds.


  1. Put_the_comforter_back_on_the_bed. Please. I believe you're just that magical. My magical ability is, when people are late for depositions and I leave the room for a moment -- they appear! Everyone knows this.
    ATTORNEY: Don't you have something to do in the other room?
    ME: No.
    Anon CP

  2. Yes Kim it was quite chilly this morning when I headed out. It was a welcome break but we are not out of the woods yet.